Stress Awareness

How To Alleviate Stress In Your Life

What can I do for stress awareness month?

Reduce your stress or your body’s negative responses to it!

How can I be aware of stress?

Signs of stress are: challenges in relationships that may be accompanied by frequent anger outbursts, poor sleep, poor concentration, and a weak immune system.

How does stress affect the body?

Stress affects the body because the body responds directly to the “tone” of the nervous system from the brain. All vertebrates have what’s called an Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that is in total control of our body’s functions. Breathing, hormones, the immune system, elimination, digestion, are all under complete control of the autonomic nervous system. The ANS consists of 2 branches called the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems. The sympathetic is known as “fight or flight” and is designed to help us respond to immediate danger by increasing blood pressure, releasing adrenaline and cortisol, and many other of our body’s tools to survive and win a fight or run away from danger. The parasympathetic is known as “wine and dine” and is designed to rest our bodies and create a peaceful, healing state. Our bodies should ideally be in a good balance between the two sides of the autonomic system and be able to switch back and forth between the two. This allows us to avoid or fight when in danger, stay up late once in a while to finish a project, etc., and then be able to rest and recover and turn our food into new cells making up our eyeballs, kidneys, and elbows. When we are in a state of stress, our sympathetic fight-or-flight system predominates. This is highly destructive to our bodies because this constant emergency state increases our blood pressure, makes us prone to anger, and takes life from our years and years from our life.

What causes stress?

Causes of stress are: lack of sleep, too much on our plate, not enough leisure time, allowing negative thoughts on a regular basis, and vertebral subluxations.

What are 5 emotional signs of stress?

Causes of stress are: lack of sleep, too much on our plate, not enough leisure time, allowing negative thoughts on a regular basis, and vertebral subluxations.

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Awesome. Welcome everyone. This is a condensed version of the stress less talk, as Megan was just talking about that I give all over the community. So, important stress is rampant and it’s no secret that we’re having major health problems, in the United States between heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. They’re rampant over 90% of our deaths are preventable, in this country. We should be prolonging a lot longer and having a lot more years in our life. But a lot more life in our years as well, so we’re gonna be talking about one of the leading killers in the world today. Stress. And when you’re talking about things that you can do starting the moment you see this video to empower yourself to be combating stress, but to handle it better. So stress is something that literally affects us at at every level. Every chemical process and our body is designed to respond to stress, and there’s a very good reason for that. As I say, it talks up if a T-Rex smash through this wall right here, and started attack or mommy. I need to prepare my body physiologically in every way to be able to fight it or run away from it. It’s called the fight-or-flight response, so.

My body creates massive inflammation, which helps me survive if I get a big cut, that inflammation is going to help it heal, that inflammation also brings blood shunt blood that my muscles away from my thinking brain and toward my survival brain and physiological process is geared just towards survival. It doesn’t really matter if I can digest or it doesn’t matter if I can do my Organic Chemistry homework or my Calculus. What matters is that I can fight that thing or run away from it. So the whole body is geared toward that. Now, the problem is when our physiology is geared toward that stress response. But 24-7-365 our body creates massive inflammation everywhere, and that stress response creates disease it is literally one of the most proven factors in disease when people are more stress, for example, there are more heart attacks on Monday. So what’s different about Monday? It’s simply a stressful time. So it’s one of the leading causes of death. Chronic stress is defined as three months or longer, increase our chance of dying from heart disease, kidney failure, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, it’s the American Association of Psychology says, the top four causes are money work, family responsibilities and health problems.

So, Dr. Silverman from Harvard says, and this is a very profound thing, “A person cannot get sick apart from a stress being a factor, or part of the factor in there.” So the more we handle stress in our lives, the better we’re gonna do in avoiding diseases from viruses heart disease, cancer, diabetes, all these things. So the good news, even though stress is rampant, the good news, everybody on the video, say Good news and kinda good, a good amen. So good… The good news is that our bodies are designed to handle short burst of stress and there can handle massive amounts of stress. It’s just that we’re flooding it with too much. The good news is that the body is designed to heal and repair itself, even if we’ve had years and years of stress. So I’m gonna show you what we do to help it, repair itself. The other piece of good news is the fact that there’s not one set of behaviors that helps with heart disease, and one to lose weight and want to avoid diabetes, and one to avoid cancer there’s literally a set of behaviors that help all of those things.

So what I love about chiropractic and what made me choose chiropractic even though I was pre-med, at UCLA 27 years ago, what made me choose chiropractic is that chiropractic is the study of life and what causes man to live. That is really the deepest, most profound difference. In healthcare. People say there’s all these differences and there are a lot of differences, but the main thing is our philosophy, it’s very important that we study disease processes, so we understand them. But we all need someone to be looking for our health, looking for… It’s like Andrew Carnegie used to say, that he hired over 1000 millionaires in his business in the ’20s, and he said that his philosophy toward hiring millionaires he said they weren’t millionaires when they started. But they’re millionaires, now and they’re millionaires. Because when we go in, we manage people like we mine for gold. We go in and we dig away hundreds of tons of dirt. Just to find one nugget of gold, but we don’t go in looking for the dirt, we go in looking for the gold.

So, chiropractors are specialists of looking for the gold inside your body. It’s not about What’s wrong with you, it’s about what’s right in you and that’s your nervous system in the way it’s designed to heal your body. I’m gonna explain to you in one minute, when it takes us doctors. Eight years to learn. That God put an amazing healing power in your brain that healing power runs from your brain, like a river through your spinal cord, and out through these nerves in your spinal cord to bring life to every cell tissue and organ in your body. That’s how your body fights off disease that’s how you create new cells. When you eat pizza tomorrow, there’ll be kidneys that’s how you digest your food that’s how you think to all your hormones, your immune system are all controlled from that one thing.

So, there are three types of stress that affect our brain and spinal cord. There’s chemical, emotional and physical stresses. So I’m gonna give you some strategies around these three things, but the first thing that I wanna tell you is not add one more thing like we sat and lead up video to this, but I wanna tell you that when you’re gonna add some things that are gonna build you up even if you need to take away some other things. So a good mentor of mindset. This one thing years ago. He told me that when you have something important for you, like for example, exercise or planning proper nutrition or planning time to get adjusted or these things, they have to be key priorities. You have to make an appointment with yourself. So what that means is… Let’s say I’m closing at 5:30 at night and someone says, “Oh can you wait till 7 o’clock at the office? Well, I’m sorry, I can’t, I have an appointment, my appointment, might be to have dinner with my family, it might be to go to church in the evening or it might be just prayer, meditation time, it might be reading a book, but I have an appointment with me. Or with my family.

And those are important because my family comes first. Your family has to come first, and you have to put double yellow lines around those appointment times and it is okay, I hereby give you permission to say, “I have an appointment, I can’t make your special event or whatever, because I have an appointment. Here’s a such an important thing with these behaviors that you’re gonna learn and focus on no matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everybody on the couch. So here’s how we handle chemical stresses. Number one is with proper nutrition. So what’s a chemical stress Glyphosate Monsantos Chemical that is rampant all over most of our food and our wheat and everything, those are chemical stresses. Do any of you on this video live within five miles of a stream that you can drink from? Probably not. So there’s a lot of toxins in our environment chemical stresses that we need to avoid, as best we can let’s avoid those stresses, but the best way to arm ourselves is helping our bodies by cutting out as much crap as we can. So by crap, I mean, chemicals refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and flavorings and processed foods.

We have to cut these out as best we can and we need to arm ourselves with the antioxidants, and the nutrients to combat these chemical stresses that God gave us and he gave them to us in plants and trees. What is that register? We need to be eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every single day without fail that is our best fail-safe against chemical stresses is we eat these great foods. One of the ways that we do it is in drinking green smoothies. Talk to my wife or ask me, or my wife, and I’ll give a class for you or your group on making the best tastes healthiest green smoothies, it will give you great energy and make you feel amazing. So what we do sometimes a green smoothie counts as a meal or just a snack but daily, we eat healthy smaller servings of protein, we don’t if you eat animal protein some of our clients do and some don’t, it depends on your unique makeup. We can test you to see what’s most appropriate for you. Ask us about it.

A small amount of animal protein or healthy vegetarian source protein, a very healthy amount of carbohydrates. Mostly from greens, and vegetables, and a healthy serving of fats three to five times a day, that’s what we wanna be putting in our bodies. We wanna create a culture of movement, Our metabolic system has both what we eat and keeping it moving, using that machinery by creating a culture of movement in our families. We move a lot and we do it because it feels great and we feel amazing, but… Because it exposes us to nature and exposes us to God’s great creation, and it keeps us moving and keeps our bodies fit and healthy and strong it helps get rid of those chemical waste products helps us be strong, to fight the T-Rex coming through the door and helps us just do everything better. When you create a culture of movement, everything works better in your body.

How do we avoid emotional stresses? Well, the Bible says, “As a man thinks, in his heart, so easy that’s how mental thinking stresses. They literally print out physiologically. That’s how if that T-Rex comes through here. All the changes is really thoughts. It’s a fear thought that makes my entire body chemistry change right away. A very simple tool that you can use. Look at my YouTube channel, we won’t go through it on this video, but it’s called, box breathing. You can also Google it, others have done it. I didn’t invent this. It’s called box breathing. It’s a very, very powerful technique to be used in a moment of stress but also ideally in a preventative way. Put double yellow lines around this. Put it in your phone two or three times a day to do five minutes of box breathing, I promise it will change your life.

Physical stresses. It’s pretty obvious that for lifting super heavy Atlas Stone. That stone probably weighs 5000 pounds. It’s over his head like that. But we don’t think of tech neck or text neck. And how that’s affecting our processes in our body. So the structure of our body is gonna determine its health or its output, it’s function. So our brain runs everything as we talked about through our spinal cord as long as that’s running efficiently, Our bodies run with amazing health. But the minute there’s a misalignment in a spinal bone called the subluxation you’re literally compromising your body’s ability to adapt to everything else. That’s why I’m a Chiropractor, not just a nutritionist, we teach nutrition a lot ’cause it’s very important, but the most important thing is proper nerve supply to your body. If you’ve heard my talk before, you know, we’ve talked about Christopher Reeve Who died from a subluxation to his upper neck bone it cut off some 70% of the life to his body, which is why he survived for eight more years. And when I ask audiences, how long does it look like past between this picture and that picture? Most will say 30, 40, 50 years, but the truth is it’s only about eight years because God rest his his soul, he got a bad subluxation in his up neck and it cut off so much life in his body that it shut down his organ systems.

Well, the same thing is happening in most of you listening to this and most of the people that you know, it’s just not that severe it’s 10-20-30. Maybe 40% live cut off and they don’t know it, because they don’t know to get checked. So the thing to know is that subluxation, most of the time, do not cause pain. It’s like when someone has diabetes, their pancreas doesn’t hurt, it’s just not working, right? There is no pain for most subluxation. So we have to have our posture checked and we have to be x-rayed. So your poster is influencing your headaches, your digestion, your immune system as we talked about the number one predictor of the number one killer according to the Keto Study Journal of American Geriatric Society is not cholesterol is not blood pressure, though, those are powerful predictors it’s actually misalignment or subluxation in the mid-back here.

44% more likely to die early from heart attacks, if you have a misalignment or subluxation in your mid-back. These surgeons note, and they fix it with surgery, but a lot of our people prefer to avoid that so they do state the art chiropractic biophysics care with us, which means that we do very, very thorough analysis with X-ray is critical to know the status of your posture in your alignment. We measure to the fraction of a degree in a fraction of a millimeter, every vertebra, as well as the overall posture. And then we correct, it thoroughly. I should say, you correct it with our health, we use adjustments. We use home exercises which includes strengthening and lying on blocks to mold our spine. And in some cases, we use state of the art CBP or chiropractic, biophysics traction. This is yours. Truly, after a serious skateboarding incident where I exploded my helmet and buckled the curve in my neck backwards, which I didn’t know I had until I X-rated myself. You have to be x-rayed.

Like John who is in mid-70s, and is an absolute machine on no medications and as strong as an ox, and he flies to Idaho, regularly to he’s a pilot regularly to see his grandkids and his great-grandkids and to play like an absolute animal with them. He lives like he should. We should be living an abundant life. And so our purpose is to help you live abundant lives if you think that stress is affecting you or your family or your team, coming and see us, and we’ll do a stress check a state-of-the-art wellness examination with our chiropractic exam, and other wellness tools. And if you want me to come speak to your group as Megan said, just give us a call. Hope this has been helpful. And we appreciate you have a blessed day.

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