How to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes Prevention

How to prevent diabetes

In this article I am going to focus on Type 2 Diabetes, also known as lifestyle diabetes, as opposed to Type 1, which is an autoimmune disorder that destroys the islet cells of the pancreas. The fact that type 2 is based on our lifestyle can be both threatening and liberating. The good news is that it’s in our control. The bad news is that it’s in our control! Diabetes comes primarily from too many refined carbohydrates and too little exercise. The vast majority of us can control our sugar intake and how much we move our bodies. Diabetes has grown exponentially in the last 30 years to where it is estimated one-third of current Americans will have it in their lifetime! Why the sudden change? We’ve become addicted to quick fixes in our food. We are not eating enough whole foods and we’re eating way too many refined foods. Consider that a Starbucks Frappucino can have up to 200 grams of sugar! That is more than most health experts would recommend in a week! And some people are drinking them every day. The way to prevent diabetes is to cut down on our sugar intake and move a lot more. Exercise can not only rid our bodies of excess sugar, but it makes our cells more responsive to insulin. Insulin resistance is the biggest factor in diabetes. We put so much sugar in that our bodies cannot keep up with the onslaught and has to release more and more insulin with less and less response. And with minimal exercise and this continued onslaught, we are creating our own disease process.

How can I prevent diabetes naturally?

“Natural” is the only way to go in preventing diabetes. There is no cure and likely will never be a cure for constant excessive sugar intake coupled with little to no exercise. The only real cure, as with most disease processes, is taking care of yourself so you’re never in that position. No milkshake tastes better than good health feels. And I believe in milkshakes and sugar now and then, but not every day!

What foods can prevent diabetes?

The foods that help prevent diabetes are those that are low in sugar and minimally impact our insulin response. Meat and vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the best way to control diabetes.

Which type of diabetes cannot be prevented?

As mentioned before, Type 1 diabetes, as far as we know, cannot be directly prevented.

Can diabetes go away?

Type 2 diabetes can, in most cases, go away. The only way to do it is to reverse the process that created the disease by improving our nutrition and exercise.

Is drinking water good for diabetics?

Drinking water is great for diabetics, much like it’s great for all people. Water is not a direct cure for diabetes but it does support all metabolic processes in our body. One, not commonly known benefit is that water can make us feel more full when we feel like eating. One piece of advice I often give patients is when they have a food or sugar craving, to drink a bunch of water and wait 20 minutes. Often they lose the craving! Herb tea is another secret for curbing sugar cravings.

Diabetes Prevention
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Welcome, this is all about diabetes prevention and reversal, we’ve been teaching health principles for… Gosh, I’ve been coaching health for almost 30 years now, and this one is near and dear to my heart, I see a lot of people suffering mostly needlessly with diabetes, and what we’re focusing in on is type 2… Not so much type 1 diabetes. So diabetes epidemic, over 34 million people in the United States, one in three children born today, will have diabetes in their lifetime, estimated by the CDC, one and five don’t even know that they have it while they have it, so that’s a pretty serious thing as well. Every year, 1.9 million new cases will be diagnosed.

So nearly all cases that’s type 2 are treatable and curable. Let that sink in for just a moment, now it doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna be willing to do what it takes, but we can always improve no matter where you are, there’s an old saying from Zig Ziglar that I love… You don’t have to be good to start, but you do have to start to be good, or he said, Great, you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. So long-term complications, blindness, heart disease, strokes, kidney failure, and dialysis is $21,000 a month, and insurances are not getting any better at this. It can also affect parts of the nervous system that control blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and sexual function, nerve damage or neuropathy, of course, birth defects are more common in babies born to women with diabetes, don’t forget about impotence and amputations, of course. Most people who live long enough to have an amputation actually have one. Ugh.

So we want to avoid this. There’s also a strong association between diabetes and cancer, a study of more than a million South Koreans suggests diabetes can raise the risk of developing and dying from several types of cancer, the highest risk for developing cancer and dying from it were found in people with the highest blood sugar level. So again, even if we still have diabetes, just bringing down your blood sugar and not so much with medications, but with lifestyle will greatly help that. So participants with diabetes were roughly 30% more likely those than those without to develop and die from cancer, pretty serious. The standard American diet is producing… What we once called it adult onset, but now we don’t call it that anymore, because now children as little as two are being treated with diabetes type 2 medications.

So medications are not only not very effective for this, I’ve been giving talks on this for years, and what I’ve heard a lot of people say is, “Oh, I can just up my dosage for medications,” but that’s not true. Contraindications from metformin glucophage include patients with Type 1 diabetes, those at risk for cardiovascular disease, impaired liver and kidney function causing lactic acid build up in the blood, which can be fatal. This drug can increase your chances of dying from cardiovascular problems by two and a half times, 250%, Wake Forest University, the risk of heart failure in patients taking diabetes drugs can be up to a 100% higher than in those who forgo the drugs with it, over 65% of all people with diabetes, what they tend to die from is heart disease. So we wanna avoid that. Not much better with Actos against Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

I could go on and on and on. The solution is lifestyle, which we teach through our Rhino program, but you can just sit and learn from this video, whether you live near me or whether you don’t, you can learn from it. So the biggest thing with our health is the function of our nervous system, so when you hear about diabetic neuropathy, the reason that tissues die is because diabetes affects the function in the nervous system and the nerves carry life itself to our tissues in our bodies. So our brain sends life like a river through your spinal cord and out through the nerves that come between the bones of the back to bring life to all parts of our bodies, so we specialize in our office here in chiropractic BioPhysics, which is the study of the alignment of the spine and the posture, we do the world’s most sophisticated analysis and correction system.

CBP has over 240 peer-reviewed published studies, that’s our group, on analyzing and correcting these situations, we want your spine and your passion be as healthy as it possibly can, and I heard this analogy. I’ve been trying to recruit more chiropractors, when people discover chiropractic en masse, there’s only about 10% that see the population regularly, but those who do love it, and when people figure this out, we’re gonna need a lot more doctors. So one of the things we do is recruit chiropractors through Life West University, and one of the speakers that we brought up here talked about the analogy of having five bars, in our telephone, we want five bars of communication, we want all five bars at a 100%, so we want clear communication between the people we’re talking to and us.

The same thing between your brain and your body, we want clear communication, and we wanna have strength and power, we want power through our nerves, through our organs and our immune system and our digestion and our toenails and our brain, every part of our body, we want running at full power, we also want power and strength, we need to exercise our bodies in order to get rid of diabetes, type 2. Mental, emotional, and spiritual. These are hugely important. Stress can massively impact diabetes in our body, not only its effects, but it can increase the rate in which it affects us.

So finding a way to release that stress, for me, it’s exercise, it’s time with family, it’s meditation, time in the Bible, prayer hugely impact that.

The next thing is our nutrition, we wanna have lots of healthy carbohydrates, and by that I mean green carbohydrates and lots and lots of veggies and some fruits, and some healthy proteins and lean fats every single day. Moving our bodies through metabolic and power. Those are the key things. So we want to… Don’t get diabetes in the first place, if we have it, we gotta fix it, we need to correct our spines, our stress levels and our food, and when we do that, it sounds so simple, and I am simplifying it because the Bible says God made the simple things in the world to confound the wise, and I like to read the Bible because simple things are often our best, our best policies. So when we take great care of our bodies and our nervous systems, we’re way, way less likely to get diabetes, if you have any questions, I’d love to break down these concepts a lot deeper in people’s companies or wherever four or more are gathered. I will do that, we do a lot of talks, and if you’d like me to come speak to your group, please let us know, we’d be happy to do that.

Just call. You can get a hold of us on the link below. Bless your day. Have a good one.

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